keskiviikko 7. maaliskuuta 2012

Crisp bread with rye

Yesterday I tried out a recipe I found in a blog. It was only posted in Finnish, so I thought I'd translate it for you who don't speak our language fluently... These crackers, or crisp breads, are quite popular here. They are also very healthy with lots of fibers and not a lot of fat. You can change the recipe by removing some of the ingredients and adding your favorite flavours.

2dl rye flour
2dl sunflower seeds
2dl sesame seeds
2dl flax seeds
2dl flaked oats
2dl oat bran
1-2 teaspoon salt
7dl water

Mix all ingredients and let stay for five minutes until the dough thickens a little. Pour onto two baking trays (spread it as thin as possible), use a knife to separate pieces (otherwise it will be hard to cut pieces of the bread when it's done) and bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 45min. (I have a recirculated air oven, if yours is a regular one you may need to use a higher temperature.) Open the oven hatch every 15minutes to let the moisture out. After the 45minutes turn the heat down to 100 Celcius for another 30minutes to make sure the bread becomes really crispy. Butter up and have a taste!

Löysin näkkärireseptin *tästä blogista* ja halusin kokeilla onnistuuko se. Hyvin onnistui, ja maittavasti! Voit vaihdella ainesosien tilalle omia suosikkejasi.

2dl ruisjauhoja
2dl auringonkukan siemeniä
2dl seesaminsiemeniä
2dl pellavansiemeniä
2dl kaurahiutaleita
2dl kauraleseitä
1-2 tl suolaa
7dl vettä

Sekoita kaikki ainekset ja anna taikinan seistä hetki, kunnes se hieman puuroutuu. Kaada kahdelle uunipellille ja taputtele mahdollisimman ohueksi. Leikkaa sopivan kokoisia paloja valmiiksi, koska kypsästä näkkäristä on muuten hankala saada viipaleita. Paista 180 asteessa (kiertoilmauunissa) 45 minuuttia, avaa luukkua vartin välein päästääksesi kosteutta ulos. Kolmen vartin jälkeen laske lämpötilaa 100 asteeseen ja kuivata näkkäriä vielä 30 minuuttia. Voita päälle ja ääntä kohti!

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. Sure, I will try it! I just need to buy some of these ingredients that I do not have at home. In France, we didn't used to make or eat that kind of bread. I love trying new things :)

  2. Menthe Blanche - I inted to try this again, and use a little different ingredients just for a change. It was good, and crunchy! :)


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