lauantai 7. huhtikuuta 2012

Colorful Easter

Here in Finland Easter is a colorful time. Children pick up willow twigs with catkins and decorate them with colorful feathers. Then they dress up as Easter witches (or kittens, or these days whatever characters they like) and go from door to door to wish good luck for the upcoming year. In return they get candy or small coins. It's kind of like Halloween trick or treating, which we do not have.
This year my nieces and I added some colorful yarns to the twigs. They were so pretty I almost wanted to keep all of them to myself! Well, I did have to let them go after all. And I got a lot of beautiful twigs back, as my doorbell rang quite often and I found many little witches behind my door. You will see them later!
Tänä vuonna lisäsimme tyttöjen kanssa virpomisvitsoihin värikkäitä lankoja. Meilläpäin muuten virvotaan vasta lankalauantaina palmusunnuntain sijaan. Vitsoista tuli niin hienoja, etten meinannut raaskia luopua niistä! Onneksi sain monta pajunkissaoksaa takaisin, kun oven takana kävi toinen toistaan mainiompia pikkunoitia. Heistä lisää myöhemmin!

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